About Us

Riverside Equity Group's business activities encompass the long-term ownership, management, acquisition, development and redevelopment of strategically located neighborhood and community shopping centers and select industrial properties. Our properties are predominantly located in the highest growth regions of the country, the south and west. Our footprint encompasses major metropolitan markets in states that span the southern part of the United States.

We concentrate our growth in the areas we currently serve, allowing us to effectively lease and manage our assets through our main office. We also stay abreast of changing demographics so that we continue to lease to retailers offering the products and services desired in each community, and we keep our properties looking fresh from decade to decade. Our conservative management practices in both acquisitions and new development projects, combined with continuous, diligent leasing, management and marketing of existing properties, have earned us the reputation as one of the premier real estate investment groups in the region.

Riverside Equity Group strives for results by determining the highest and best use of property in every situation, in every corner of the world, we provide the greatest maximum opportunity for owners, tenants, and investors, as well as our communities and society as a whole.